Graphical Set Screenshot

Developing Applications For iOS – Assignment 3: Graphical Set

As the course progresses through lectures six, seven, and eight, Paul Hegarty discusses views and how to extend them with custom drawings and touch event handling. Paul also spends a significant amount of time introducing collection views, which are used to lay out other views...
Set Screenshot

Developing Applications For iOS – Assignment 2: Set

Throughout lectures four and five Paul Hegarty introduced several key Foundation APIs, and discussed both the life cycle of view controllers and how to integrate multiple MVCs into an application. These concepts are covered in enough detail to tackle the next homework. Assignment...
Card Match Screenshot

Developing Applications For iOS – Assignment 1: Matchismo

By the end of the third lecture of Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013) Paul Hegarty has demonstrated the implementation of the basic logic for a simple 2-card matching game in Matchismo, opening the door for the first formal course homework....
Stanford CS193p Cover

Developing Applications For iOS – Assignment 0

During the first two lectures of Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013) Paul Hegarty builds the foundation application called Matchismo. This application is a simple card matching game, and its implementation follows the Objective-C and MVC concepts...
Paint Brushes On Wall

A Move And A New Coat Of Paint: Goodbye SlowMonster

I have been thinking of posting some materials related to a class I’m currently taking, but, like other times, I found myself putting it aside after logging in with the intention to do so. Specifically, I always got distracted by the slow performance of the site and the...
OS X Mountain Lion Logo

Personal Web Sharing In Mountain Lion With OS X Server

In Mountain Lion the Sharing preference panel under System Preferences no longer provides a Web Sharing service configuration option. Nevertheless, the OS still includes an Apache web server that provides the same capabilities that existed in Lion to host both computer and...
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Sencha Touch 2 Installation In OS X

Recently I started working with the Sencha Touch 2 mobile web application framework, and a common beginner question revolves around its initial installation. Although Sencha provides a comprehensive set of documents for the product, the Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2 guide...
Happy Start

Why Our Ideas Suck

Odds are we won’t know how good or bad our ideas are because we tend to not do anything with them. We’re afraid of failing, we are convinced that our ideas are not as good as those of John or Jane, or we can’t tell what friends, family, and peers will or...